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Kathputli Colony is a tinsel slum. Over 600 artists from here have represented India in several fairs and festivals abroad. About 800 families have settled here since Independence. Magicians, acrobats, mime artists, puppeteers, jugglers, folk singers, snake charmers, bear handlers, monkey trainers and other street performers reside in this colony. A visit to the colony is enough to believe that Shadipur Depot is perhaps the only place in Delhi where the ancient tradition of magic is preserved and inherited.

Most of the artists are from UP, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Kathputli Colony is also called by other names: Kalakaron ki Basti, Madari colony and Bazeegarcolony.


Serge Bouvet, French press photographer. Serge Bouvet is a Paris based Photographer and artist who lives, works and enjoys the fast paced lifestyle of the most important city in the world. Serge Bouvet specializes in editorial and   travel  photographs. He also has a passion for shooting still life and products and has been known to shoot highly stylized and creative portraits.