Brides of Xtabay | Fashion photographer: Holly Andres | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

MAYPOLE BRIDES, commissioned by Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique as a conceptual fashion shoot depicting young brides preparing for the Maypole ceremony. The Maypole Dance originated as an ancient pagan fertility ceremony associated with the end of winter and the rebirth of the land. The pole itself is suggestive of the phallus.

Shot on location at Sauvie Island, near Portland Oregon.
Photography and concept by Holly Andres
Wardrobe and styling by Liz Gross/Xtabay
Hair and Makeup by Terri Lodge
Flowers provided by Fieldwork
Models: Krystal South, Jennafer Furniss, Kate Rocker, Nicole Marie Milchak, Lisa DeClercque, Pearl Essence, Kara Jean Caldwell, Rachel and Doni the goat.