Children of Liberia photographed | Photographer : John Keatley | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

‘John Keatley went to Liberia this past January with a team from MiiR. For every water bottle MiiR sells, they provide clean drinking water for one person for one year by digging and installing a clean well. MiiR hired me to photograph the first two company funded wells as well as direct a documentary film about the need for clean water in areas like Liberia. John Keatley was given a tremendous amount of creative freedom on the trip, and in my spare time, John Keatley was constantly photographing children in the nearby villages.


On one day in particular, we visited a school where there were several children who’s families could not afford to pay tuition. John Keatley photographed five of the students, and was able to find sponsorship for all of them through my blog followers when he returned home. He's already planning a trip back to Liberia this next January, and he hope to continue my portrait work with the hopes of one day publishing a book’.