Haiti Cherie | Photographer: Alice Smeets | PHOTOGRAPHERS | Scoop.it

I am yet to meet someone who has not been moved by Haitis beautiful landscapes, colorful streets and rich culture. Nor, have I not met anyone who has not been shocked by its poverty erodes the country. Haiti is full of contrast and complexity. You can spend years in Haiti and still not understand the place. The countrys history is complex and contrasting. In 1804 Haiti attracted the worlds attention by becoming the first black republic to declare independence.


Today it attracts attention for being the poorest Nation in the Western Hemisphere. The population has witnessed many corrupt leaders as well as substantial exploitation at the hands of foreign governments, especially the United States and France. The country has always been considered as a place where anyone can grow rich off the backs of the poor and is the archetypal example of a system that sees the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Even though Haitians, when asked how they are, will invariably simply say: I am good, thanks. It is a nation with a strong will to survive and to go on without complaining. It is a story of a nations persistence and of the dignity and pride of these people everyday life.