Sumedha and Sapan: a story of an Indian wedding | Photographer: Isabella De Maddalena | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

Sumedha and Sapan is a present day story, but tied to tradition. 
Sumedha Sood, 30, is an Indian woman from New Delhi. Sapan Basnett, 29, is an Indian man born in Gangtok, the Indian state of Sikkim. Sumedha and Sapan graduated from the same school: the National Institute of Fashion Technology, in New Delhi.

This is where they met for the first time, through mutual friends. After completing his studies, Sapan moved to Bangalore to work as a fashion designer. In February of 2008, Sumedha moved to Milan to study for her Masters at the European Institute of Design. One evening in October 2010, surfing on facebook, Sumedha found Sapan through "People You May Know", and sent him a friend request.

Sapan accepted the invitation and they started a chat online. In the following days they were constantly chatting, and then they started talking on Skype. Shortly after, Sapan sent Sumedha an airline ticket from Delhi to Bangalore for her next trip to India. A few days after their meeting in Bangalore, Sapan was presented to Sumedha's family.
In January 2011, they celebrated their marriage. - Isabella De Maddalena