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Made in Bangkok | Photographer: ZACKARY CANEPARI

Made in Bangkok | Photographer: ZACKARY CANEPARI | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

To kick off 2015 let's time travel back to 2014.  This is Bangkok.  The city is sinking into the flood lands it was built on.  Someday soon the roads will be rivers.  But that hasn’t stopped the expansion.  Megacity.  The exurban and suburban zones are nearly as dense as the city center.  Building and rebuilding.  Old and new structures competing for skyline.  Some resemble robots.  Some remain unfinished.  The elevated Skytrain connects them all.  Down below the infrastructure sags.  Progress and tradition.  Congestion edging towards permanent gridlock.  None of the cars, buses, trucks, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, ferry boats, river taxis, scooters and bicycles move at all. 


Most people wear hospital masks on the street, pulling them aside to slurp noodles or smoke a cigarette.  The air is thick with humidity and sweat and smog and sex.  Inside, everything is Megamall. Climate controlled consumption.  Medical tourism.  Sex tourism.  Drug tourism.  Displays telling you how to look and how to feel. Massive electronic billboards advertise for dental surgery.  Written in Thai.  In Chinese.  In English.  In Neon.  Screens above and screens below.  Reflections in the puddles, on the windows, in the eyes.  Projections.  Personalized.  Customized.  Individualized.  Food.  Fashion.  Eye color.  Politics.  Products.  Sex.  Gender.   This is Bangkok. - ZACKARY CANEPARI

Scooped by Photo report!

Blue eyes, black hijab | Photographer: Isabella De Maddalena

Blue eyes, black hijab | Photographer: Isabella De Maddalena | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

There's a large muslim community in Aarhus, Denmark, and a very high number of danish converted to Islam. The estimated number of women wearing the niqab in Denmark is about 150-200. Aisha is a Danish woman who converted to Islam 22 years ago, when she was just 20. Today, she wears the niqab, the 'total veil', subject of many discussions in different countries in Europe.

Like so many other governments in Europe, the idea of banning the burqa or niqab in public places has been progressing in Denmark. The debate caused a split beetween the Conservatives and the Liberal Party in 2009. Lawyers of the Justice Ministry finally found the proposal unconstitutional.

But today the idea is still a topic of discussion: it is argued that the burqa or the niqab are strongly anti-integrationist, an attack on the dignity of women and also a security risk. "Even if the Niqab will be banned, I'll continue to wear it, anyway," Aisha says, it is my religion, my choice and I have to respect it. - 

Photo report's insight:
Isabella De Maddalena  was born in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, in 1978.                                                                              

In 2002 she graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan, with a focus in Painting. She studied photojournalism at the Danish School of Photojournalism in Aarhus, Denmark in 2010.
Her work has been published on varoius magazines, among them: Women's Wear Daily, Io Donna, IL - Intelligence in Lifestyle, Rolling Stone, Internazionale, L'Espresso, Allure Russia, Cosmopolitan Germany.
In 2011 I joined the agency Luzphoto.  

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