The Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science presents the 2011 Victor M. Tyler Distinguished Lectureship in Engineering with Eric Fossum, Professor of Engineering in Dartmouth's Thayer School and a consultant to Samsung Electronics' Semiconductor R&D Center. Dr. Fossum, who earned a PhD in electrical engineering from Yale in 1984, is one of the world's leading solid-state image sensor device physicists, best known for inventing the CMOS image sensor. His "camera-on-a-chip" technology is used in nearly all camera phones and webcams, digital-still cameras, high-speed motion capture cameras, automotive cameras, dental x-ray cameras, and swallowable pill cameras.

An entrepreneur as well as inventor, Fossum's transfer of his own IP portfolio to industry has yielded one of Caltech's greatest licensing revenue streams, and he has served as CEO of two successful high-tech companies. His work was included on Reuters' list of "Baby Boomer Inventions that Changed the World," and Forbes calls him an inventor who has "changed your life."