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Lomo LC-A: Review

Lomo LC-A: Review | Photography Gear News |

Here we go – another vintage ‘review’ and ‘how to use’ sort of post, this time I’ve got with me my favorite ‘toy’ camera, the classic Lomo LC-A. Unlike the new made in China Lomo LC-A+ (which is also pretty good), this one is a vintage original, made in Russia (notice the lettering – think I paid extra for that!) and even though (in my opinion) this vintage one is a better and more valuable camera than the new Chinese version, I got this on eBay for around half the price of a brand new LC-A+. Pretty good deal, if you ask me.

The LC-A is made by LOMO (Leningrad Optical Mechanical Amalgamation), and was introduced in 1984. It’s a fixed lens camera, with a 35mm f2.8 fixed focal length lens, an electronically controlled shutter, and features fully automatic exposure. It was discontinued in 2005, and has since been manufactured in China and branded the Lomo LC-A+

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Scooped by Philippe Gassmann!

Lomo LC-Wide

Lomo LC-Wide | Photography Gear News |
The Lomo LC-Wide is a new film camera with a fixed ultra-wide lens and the ability to shoot three different formats on 35mm film. Featuring a 17mm Minigon glass lens, the Lomo LC-Wide is billed as “a passionate celebration of the ultra-wide-angle”. The user can choose from 36x24mm full frame, 17x24mm half frame and 24x24mm square formats. The camera is available now, in limited quantities, in the online Lomography shop for €/£349.
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