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Fuji x100s Follow Up Review :: Life Without DSLRs

Fuji x100s Follow Up Review :: Life Without DSLRs | Photography Gear News |
I have been DSLR free for about two months and all is well. During the past two months I’ve been to Cuba, New York (x2), and Arizona. I feel I have hit just about every type, and kind, of job I do and my little Fujis have performed flawlessly.
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Objectified | shooting products with the X-PRO1 | Patrick La Roque

Objectified | shooting products with the X-PRO1 | Patrick La Roque | Photography Gear News |


I’ve read a few reviews of the X-Pro1 dismissing its use in the studio, confining it purely to the realm of event and documentary photography. Obviously this a genre at which it excels and the core of the system’s philosophy. But as most of you know these cameras have now become my main system, not merely a fun add-on. Which means they ARE used for studio jobs. All kinds of studio jobs.

I recently did a shoot for Serdy Media, a production company which owns several specialized TV stations in Quebec — namely Zeste and Évasion, the french food and travel channels. This was a studio product shoot for their new online boutiques. After thoroughly testing the setup, I decided to again forego my Nikon kit and do the entire session using only the X-Pro1 and the 35mm Fujinon XF f/1.4 lens. It worked beautifully.


The X-Pro1 actually has several things going for it for this type of work:

- The ability to use the rear LCD for live view without changing how you usually work with the camera.


- The two zoom levels with built-in sharpening to pinpoint the focus.


- Large focus point coverage.


- Horizon line and framing guides.


- The ability to switch the same lens to macro mode for detail shots.


- No mirror to deal with. Combined with the timer function this is as stable as it gets.


All of this makes for a very easy going experience and allows for extremely precise work. The two points of contention when it comes to shooting this camera for studio and/or flash photography are 1) sync speed and 2) tethering. The sync speed obviously wasn’t an issue in this case. As for tethering, I’ve discussed my solution in another post already: an Eye-Fi Pro X2 card. To be honest this was definitely the weakest link in the chain, and I was very fortunate to work with a client who didn’t mind the glacial speed at which photos were getting transferred to the computer. But I didn’t like it. I made jokes about it but it bugged the hell out of me the entire time. I’m glad further testing has revealed an ad-hoc network to be exponentially faster. I won’t get caught with this problem again.

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Jonathan Ryan's curator insight, December 12, 2012 5:08 AM

X-Pro 1 shines once again.  Beautiful to see what an accomplished photographer can do with it under controlled light.

Andrew Brown's comment, December 12, 2012 9:35 AM
used in a studio shoot and loved it also. Much better than the old 5D2's