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Scooped by Philippe Gassmann!

HDR Workflow for the rest of us

HDR Workflow for the rest of us | Photography Gear News |

"Alexandre Buisse in A Plea for HDR said it all. He speaks for me. One of my favourite photographic subjects is church interiors (no castles in this part of the world), and HDR is indispensable. But I don’t want my pictures to look like HDR. And I also want HDR to be just another part of my toolbox. Does anyone remember as far back as 2003? That was when we corrected exposure using multiple layers and blending modes in Photoshop, and when we created “fill flash” using clever masks. Now with Lightroom there are simple sliders for them all and more. I think of HDR as an extreme version of Lightroom’s Fill Light and Recovery combined, just a method to get back what I saw and I know was there. Until the “HDR slider” arrives I would like to have something similar and simple.

The tutorial is divided into two parts.

In the first part I will look at the problem of consistent colours in Photomatix Pro, and how it can be solved. The solution applies to any HDR program that creates unnatural but consistent colours. In the second part I will present a workflow “for the rest of us”, where I use what I found in the first part to effortlessly create a consistent suite of HDR images from one shoot – the HDR slider."

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Scooped by Philippe Gassmann!

Oloneo launches HDRengine real-time high dynamic range software

Oloneo launches HDRengine real-time high dynamic range software | Photography Gear News |

"Paris-based software maker Oloneo has launched version 1 of its HDRengine high-dynamic range photo software. Built around what the company claims is 'the fastest HDR engines available today' it allows real-time tone mapping and HDR manipulation. The software supports 380 Raw formats and works on them in 32-bits per channel to ensure image quality retention. Oloneo HDRengine is available at an introductory price of $59/€59 through the company's online store or can be trialed for 30 days for free."

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