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Canon releases 600EX-RT radio-controlled Speedlite with other accessories

Canon releases 600EX-RT radio-controlled Speedlite with other accessories | Photography Gear News |

"Canon has announced the Speedlite 600EX-RT flash, its first to include wireless radio control, alongside a selection of EOS accessories. A radio frequency transmitter, the Speedlite ST-E3-RT, has also been released and can trigger up to 15 Speedlites at up to 30 meters. Meanwhile, the GP-E2 GPS unit allows for automatic geotagging of images from the latest Canon DSLRs and the WFT-E7 wireless file transmitter can use either a Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet connection to move files from camera to computer or to control the camera. There's also the BG-E11 dual-slot battery grip for the EOS 5D Mark III.

The radio connectivity is a first for Canon and comes in addition to the infrared triggering found in previous models. Major drawbacks to infrared remote flash control are that it requires a direct line of sight and has a relatively limited transmission range, particularly outdoors. By including built-in radio control, Canon now offers a system that gives its users an alternative to the popular PocketWizard radio transmitters and receivers. The Speedlite ST-E3-RT can trigger up to 15 Speedlites over distances as far as 30m.

The GP-E2 GPS receiver weighs in at under 3oz and offers automatic geo-tagging (via EXIF metadata) of images shot with the EOS-1Dx, 7D (with a firmware update) and the co-announced 5D Mark III. With older EOS cameras the GPS receiver can generate tracklog files at specified time intervals - even with the unit detached from the camera - which users can then manually import into compatible mapping software.

Continuing with the theme of wireless communication, Canon has announced the WFT-E7 wireless file transmitter which can transfer files from the EOS 5D Mark III over a Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) or Gigabit Ethernet connection. For remote camera setups, the transmitter has a server function that allows for camera control via a web-enabled mobile device. Rounding out support for the EOS 5D Mark III is the BG-E11 battery grip which adds dual battery slots and additional external controls for shooting in portrait orientation."

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Scooped by Philippe Gassmann!

Strobe Triggers- What’s What?

Strobe Triggers- What’s What? | Photography Gear News |

"Alright everybody. Tim here with a little info for you about strobe triggers. We get quite a few calls or emails each week asking how these little guys work, which one is best, which one will make my photos better than everyone else’s, etc. Since I’ve noticed a trend of questions, I thought I’d go ahead and write up an article on these wonderful but misunderstood creatures of lighting equipment. In this article, I’ll give a comparison of the various types we have. I will cover both studio lighting as well as the ever-popular hotshoe flashes. But first, let’s get everyone on the same page."

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