Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH - Review / Test Report | Photography Gear News | Scoop.it

35 mm is likely the most common focal length among Leica M shooters,and to many the focal length of choice if they had to get along with only a single lens.

Leica currently offers three 35mm lenses to choose from, with the Summilux 35/1.4 marking the premium end and offering the fastest speed, while the Summarit 35/2.5 on the other end comes in a very small package. Inbetween sits the Summicron 35/2 ASPH, probably the most popular Leica 35mm prime, if not the most popular Leica lens at all. It combines the best of both of its sister lenses: it's reasonably fast, but still very compact. However, as many Leica lenses, it doesn't come cheap, retailing at around 2500 EUR at the time of this review.

The current edition of the lens is the first to feature aspherical elements, after a history of 4 models without aspherical lens, dating back to 1958 (often referred to as Type I to Type IV, the current ASPH model being Type V).

In this review we'll have a look at how the lens performs on our test camera, the Leica M9.