Primitive Consciousness Emerges First as You Awaken from Anesthesia | Philosophy and Science of Mind and Brain |
Awakening from anesthesia is often associated with an initial phase of delirious struggle before the full restoration of awareness and orientation to one’s su...


The question whether we can ever really get a clear picture of the constituents of consciousness is one still raised by critics, and by even the proponents of scientific enquiry, myself included. This study published in the April 2012 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience sheds some light on one of the methods into cracking open the shroud of mystery.


The anesthetized brain provides new vews into the story of the emergence of consciousness. The study finds that arousal from a spoken command was first associated with a core network of subcortical and libic regions that couple with higher cortices upon awakening from dexme-detomidine-induced unconsciousness. 


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