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Internet/Social Media Direct-to-Consumer Drug Ads More Compliant with FDA Regulations Than Are Print & TV Ads

Internet/Social Media Direct-to-Consumer Drug Ads More Compliant with FDA Regulations Than Are Print & TV Ads | Pharma Industry Regulation |

Let’s first look at how violations in DTC compare to the violations that occur overall. This represents a look-back at all of the letters in the database going back through 2004 to present and compares the top violation categories – Risk Information (either omitted or insufficient), Superiority Claim, Unsubstantiated Claim, Broadening of Indication, Promotion of an Unapproved Use or Promotion of an Unapproved Drug. What you see is that in DTC there is a much larger proportional representation for the omission or minimization of risk information (represented in blue) and for making a superiority claim (represented in orange).


When looking solely to DTC itself, where have the violations occurred? (see chart above)


Interestingly the majority have been in print (combined 56 percent for print ads and journal ads) while only about a combined one-fourth have been in broadcast television or radio. Meanwhile digital has been only about one-fifth as well, despite the fact that by FDA’s own research in assessing 2253 submissions, the trends show that digital promotional pieces are on the rise while non-Internet promotions have been on an even plateau. Since the database goes back through 2004 and social media and internet ascendancy occurred during the latter part of that, one could argue that only later years should be examined. But if you look at enforcement from 2010-2016 vis a vis DTC, the contrast is even more stark. In fact, there appear to be no letters issued involving print ads, journal ads and broadcast television ads.


From this one would have to come to one of three conclusions. (1) Internet/Social Media DTC is done more compliantly than any other form of DTC; (2) After the great issuance of letters involving banner ads in 2009, there is no DTC in Internet/social media; or (3) FDA’s enforcement is not focused in the same place its research points.

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