FDA's 2016 Guidance Agenda Update: Still Promises Publication of Guidance Regarding Use of Links to 3rd-Party Internet Sites | Pharma Industry Regulation | Scoop.it

FDA/CDER has published its 2016 Guidance Agenda (here). Here's what's under the Advertising Category:

  • Health Care Economic Information in Promotional Labeling and Advertising for Prescription Drugs Under Section 114 of the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act
  • Internet/Social Media Advertising and Promotional Labeling of Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices – Use of Links to Third-Party Sites
  • Manufacturer Communications Regarding Unapproved, Unlicensed, or Uncleared Uses of Approved, Licensed, or Cleared Human Drugs, Biologics, Animal Drugs and Medical Devices
  • Presenting Risk Information in Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices Promotion; Revised Draft

I highlighted one item on the list having to do with "Internet/Social Media Advertising" -- Use of Links to Third-Party Sites. This was also on FDA's 2014 AND 2015 Guidance Calendars, but as we know no web link guidance was issued in 2014 OR 2015.


[Note: The 2016 Calendar was updated on August 8, 2916 (see here). "Use of Links to Third-Party Sites" is still there.]


Perhaps none will be issued in 2016 either. Why not? See here...