How FDA Regulations Stymie DTC Marketers' Creativity: The Symbicort Case Study | Pharma Industry Regulation |

You've probably seen the recent Symbicort TV ads that feature an elderly "big bad" wolf with COPD. The commercial, produced by AstraZeneca (AZ), has a line that reads: "Don't huff and puff like the Big Bad Wolf if you are suffering from COPD. Talk to your doctor about using Symbicort to help you breathe better."

Here's the storyline of the ad :


  1. The Big Bad Wolf looks longingly at the home of the three pigs.
  2. He takes a deep breath and attempts to blow their house down.
  3. All he has is a little breath.
  4. The Big Bad Wolf is suffering from COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  5. So he goes to his doctor and gets a prescription for Symbicort.
  6. He is able to blow out the candles at a birthday party.
  7. On his way home he passes the home of the pigs.
  8. He has an idea, but we do not know where it takes him.

But he does NOT blown down their house. Why Not?


Find the answer here.