#FDA Needs to Do a Better Job Communicating DTC Research Results, Says Expert | Pharma Industry Regulation | Scoop.it

The FDA is becoming very active in DTC research. By my count they have identified ten studies that are in process to be fielded. Their glacial pace of completing their studies is well known so I am not sure when these ten will be completed and published. I know the people doing the studies are well qualified professionals who are hampered by government procedures that slow down the process. They go through numerous mandated public comment periods and have to get budget approval from Office of Management and Budget bureaucrats. It is unfortunate that after 20 years of DTC, FDA is still doing basic research that should have been done 15 years ago.

One thing FDA needs to do is better communicate the research results to the DTC community. Their findings should be announced and summarized in user friendly formats. It is ironic that an agency dedicated to improving consumer communication does a mediocre job of organizing and releasing their data. They need to have an easy to understand summary chart of each study with objectives, findings, conclusions, and next steps. No business person would accept the current way of communication and neither should FDA. Hopefully their web site will be better run and targeted to the people who actually are expected to act on their research.