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Facebook Tells Pharma Clinical Trial Marketers That Ads Cannot Target Users Based on Medical Conditions.

On Thursday, the company's New York-based health unit hosted an invite-only breakfast for pharmaceutical marketers to learn about targeting users for their clinical trials.

CNBC viewed a copy of the invitation, which asked participants to attend a presentation on the company's "new clinical trials strategy."

Facebook is already widely used by clinical trial recruiters, and it's a massive revenue opportunity for the company. Research firm eMarketer estimates that pharma and health care marketers will spend $3.1 billion on digital advertising by 2020, up from $1.9 billion last year.

According to a person who attended Thursday's event, Facebook detailed how drug marketers can and can't target users. The source requested anonymity as Facebook did not make the details public.

Facebook's health team explained that users can't be targeted based on health conditions like insomnia.

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Digital Disruption in Pharma
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