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Is Snapchat the SM Platform Pharma Brand Marketers Have Been Looking For?

Is Snapchat the SM Platform Pharma Brand Marketers Have Been Looking For? | Social Media, Mobile, Wearable News & Views |
Where pharma marketers may fear to tread, many general marketers rush in to bet on the latest rising star without a clear idea of where it’s heading. Peter Houston reviews the digital and social channels that look likely to stick around.

The new kid on the social media block is SnapChat, a mystery to almost everyone over the age of 30, but beloved by millennials: only 14% of Snapchat’s American users are over 35.

The one-time sexting app has matured into a giant of social media delivering over 6 billion video views a day at the back end of last year. The network boasts the fastest growing user base, 57 percent in 2014, with up to 65 percent of those users contributing content on a daily basis.

Does that make it right for Pharma marketing? Possibly, for private messaging to closed patient groups, specifically for younger markets and as a second-screen add-on to TV viewing, where what Damian Radcliffe calls Snapchat’s ‘ephemeral short-form content’ can sit comfortably alongside more established TV viewing habits.

Pharma Guy's insight:

"No doubt one of the reasons for Snapchat’s popularity is the time-restricted nature of the content that permeates it. With material - from both users and brands - disappearing after 24 hours, this promotes a sense of urgency and taps into the FOMO (fear of missing out) zeitgeist ...."; 

It also taps into Pharma's FOFDAR (fear of FDA regulations). If the content disappears in 24 hours, the chances of the FDA seeing it and documenting violations is minimized. Of course, pharma companies must submit promotional material to FDA at the time of distribution, but by then the promotion is gone. I guess the FDA can use that submission as evidence to send enforcement letters. Still, it's only a slap on the wrist as was the case for Kim Kardashian's Instagram post."; 

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