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Digital and mobile health: can doctors and consumers get on the same wavelength?

From healthpopuli.com

PwC polled both providers and consumers to gauge their respective interests in digital health technologies. The chart illustrates that greater preference among consumers for five of the six technologies assessed, with the exception of patients doing urinalysis tests at home with a device on the phone, favorite by more doctors than patients (47% vs. 42%). Consumers prefer, in greater numbers,

Using an at-home strep test at a (retail) storeChecking vital signs at home with a device on their phone (with nearly as many doctors comfortable with this, 55% vs, 53%)Sending digital photo of skin problem to the dermatologistChecking for an ear infection suing a device on their phoneHaving an ECG at home using a device attached to a phone.

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Microsoft patenting a wearable device that transfers data through your body [updated] | Digital Trends Quantified Self

From www.digitaltrends.com

USPTO just granted Microsoft a patent for a device that securely transfers data through your finger (or other body part) to another machine like the Xbox.
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Infographie : les données clés du mobile en France

From fr.slideshare.net

Présentation des chiffres clés du mobile en France : marché, profil, usages et comportements Infographie par MyFanGroup...
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