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10 Benefits of Health IT [Infographic]

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Infographic provides visually outlines the top ten benefits of health it
ET Russell's curator insight, December 6, 2014 4:13 PM

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Wellness Mindset: Service Line Marketing to Keep Patients Out of the Hospital [PODCAST]

From www.healthcaresuccess.com

In our conversation with Eula McKinney today, she talks with Lonnie Hirsch about:

- how traditional hospital and service line marketing is shifting.

 - how traditional hospital and service line marketing is shifting.

“The hospital marketing strategy now needs to take into account preventative, acute care and post acute organizations, because as an industry, we are now responsible for the full continuum of clinical care,” 


ET Russell's curator insight, August 25, 2013 3:10 AM

Food for thought:

How can we change patients away from a transactional encounter to a relationship-based patient so they can contribute to their own healthcare?


Increasing patient participation through online information, accessibility via mobiles,  apps, email/sms reminders, phone apps with Gamification which rewards patient...


Microsoft patenting a wearable device that transfers data through your body [updated] | Digital Trends Quantified Self

From www.digitaltrends.com

USPTO just granted Microsoft a patent for a device that securely transfers data through your finger (or other body part) to another machine like the Xbox.
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Why Healthcare Professionals can't Afford to Ignore the Potential of APPS.

From www.guardian.co.uk

Mobile phones won't take on the role of doctors, but they will become more widely used in diagnosis and treatment, says Ashley Bolser
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Patients Prefer Physicians’ Recommendations of Health Apps

From healthworkscollective.com

 Doctors always have had a lot of influence with their patients. And now, as healthcare continues to evolve via new technology, this physician influence extends even to health apps.

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