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Communication Pro 'Sorry' for Snarky LinkedIn Rejection - NBC News

Communication Pro 'Sorry' for Snarky LinkedIn Rejection - NBC News | Persuasive and Powerful Presenting |
A Cleveland job bank founder honored as “communicator of the year” is publicly apologizing after her dismissive email reply to a young job-seeker went viral....
Cath Daley's insight:

A stark example of how your professional reputation can be seriously harmed in an instant if you don't manage your social media....

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10 Effective Ways Leaders Can Influence Others Through Nonverbal Communications

10 Effective Ways Leaders Can Influence Others Through Nonverbal Communications | Persuasive and Powerful Presenting |

I have been working with business executives from all over the world. My principal objective has been to share with them how nonverbal communications can be used to enhance interpersonal communications and to change perceptions. Along the way, I have also learned a lot from my exchanges with these executives, and their teams about the nonverbals of effective leadership. Here are ten characteristics that I found to be influential not just to peers, but perhaps more importantly, to those they lead:

Via Bonnie Hohhof
Cath Daley's insight:

If only more leaders realised the importance of their non-verbal communication then we would have less stressful situations in teams. What do you think?

Bonnie Hohhof's curator insight, October 8, 2013 4:25 PM

reminder that you influence people with more than words

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Why Organizations Fail

Why Organizations Fail | Persuasive and Powerful Presenting |

We've fostered generations of managers with robust analytical skills and poor social skills, and we don’t seem to think that matters.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, Tom Wojick
Cath Daley's insight:

and it really all comes down to the ability to be flexible with your communication so that you can interact with evryone in a way that reduces conflict and increases buy in.

Deborah Lange's curator insight, November 13, 2013 4:08 AM

Great article, but so dis-appointing that there are people like me who have been working in this area and saying this for as long as my career. Just shows how pervasive hierarhical, rational, logical, thinking is in our socity. On the other hand, exciting and dare I say it "delicious" as there is so much work out there. So, if you are ready to open up to a whole new world, contact me!

Terence R. Egan's curator insight, November 16, 2013 8:05 AM




For a long time, we believed that people were rational, logical agents, driven by self-interest, greed, and desire. In recent years, we have begun to realize that people have another driver that is of equal, if not greater, importance: the drive to be social.


The studies tell the story:

a)  Giving to charity activates the brain's reward system more than winning money.

b)  Painkillers like Tylenol relieve social pain the same way they relieve physical pain.

c)  Being socially rejected can lower your I.Q. score by 20% and cut your GRE score nearly in half.

d)  Seeing a friend regularly has the same effect on our well-being as making an extra $100,000.

e)  Volunteering to help others regularly produces the same increase in well-being as making an extra $50,000.

f)   When an employee meets a person who benefits from their work, that employee can double their productivity.

g)  People will pay $30,000 to be recognized as a high-status employee.

h)  And, finally, being socially connected is literally as good for your health as quitting smoking.


Social activity matters more than we have realized. Yet institutions and organizations, from political systems to hospitals, schools and corporations, have been built based on a different set of beliefs:

a)  that people are motivated by money,

b)  that physical -- not social -- health is most important

c)  and that social needs are "nice to have."


A boss who knows what his staff members really care about will be able to develop a better team environment.


We are deeply social beings, with social needs mattering more than physical needs in many situations. Maslow may have been wrong: Social may not be up the pyramid, it may be down at the base with physical needs. Until this insight makes its way into how we design our institutions, we may continue to see less than 30% of people in our organizations actively engaged in their work.


Cath Daley's curator insight, November 28, 2013 9:44 AM

Some of our long-held beliefs about human motivation may be wrong....

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Thaw With Her Gentle Persuasion Is More Powerful Than Thor With His Hammer

Thaw With Her Gentle Persuasion Is More Powerful Than Thor With His Hammer | Persuasive and Powerful Presenting |
Thaw with her gentle persuasion is more powerful than Thor with his hammer. The one melts, the other breaks into pieces.
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