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Personalize Learning (#plearnchat)
What pathways are being designed in today's schools to personalize the learning experience?
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Scooped by Kathleen McClaskey!

Personalize Learning Newsletter - July 2012

Personalize Learning Newsletter - July 2012 | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) |

Enjoy the latest Personalize Learning Newsletter that features


> The Missing Piece: The Learner

> Our interview with Thought Leader Jim Rickabaugh, Executive Director of The Institute of CESA #1

> Race to the Top - District Competition that focuses on Personalized Learning Environments

> Connected Educator Month (#ce12)


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Scooped by Kathleen McClaskey!

Racing to the Top to Personalize Learning

Racing to the Top to Personalize Learning | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) |

The new Race to the Top District (RTT-D) competition means that a district must address Absolute Priority 1 and identify one of the Absolute Priorities 2-5 that applies for the LEA or a consortium of LEAs. Absolute Priority 1 focuses on creating personalized learning environments. What does that mean for you as a teacher, a school, or a district?


The four core educational assurance areas in Race to the Top - District competition is to create student-centered learning environment(s) that are designed to:

1. significantly improve teaching and learning through the personalization of strategies, tools, and supports for teachers and students that are aligned with college- and career-ready standards;

2. increase the effectiveness of educators, and expand student access to the most effective educators in order to raise student achievement;

3. decrease the achievement gap across student groups;

4. and increase the rates at which students graduate from high school prepared for college and careers.


The RTT-D competition is for LEAs that have the leadership and vision to move beyond the one-size-fits all models, are concerned about inequity for their diverse student population, and are looking at student-focused approaches. Technology levels the playing field for learners, yet just putting technology in the hands of teachers and learners isn’t enough. To be college- and career-ready and to raise the achievement gap across all groups of learners, learners need to know how they learn best and teachers need to understand how their roles will change.


Contact Us for any questions about personalizing learning and writing a proposal for RTT-D.


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