What Can The World Learn from Finland? | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) | Scoop.it
Pasi Sahlberg is director general of the Centre of International Mobility in Helsinki, Finland. He is also an educator, researcher and school improvement activist.

"Pasi said that although Finland now topped tables of educational achievement - attracting the interest of policy makers and educationalists the world over - the country's international rankings were of little concern to the country's principals and educators, whose focus had always been teaching and learning and ensuring that every child was in a good school.

He outlined key approaches that contributed to Finland's success, including less teaching time than in many countries, pupils spending less time studying (children start schooling aged seven) and fewer tests. Finland favours holistic and personalised learning over core subjects and standardisation. And he emphasised that genuine collaboration and striving for equity for all pupils had a central role to play."