Personalised learning the new way forward for Australian students | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) |

Australian school children can be at the leading edge of learning if schools embrace new technologies to offer a more individual education experience, new research reveals.


The author of the report, Personalised Learning, by Ms. Susi Steigler-Peters of Telstra Enterprise and Government concludes that after some 30 in-depth interviews with senior administrators, that “Students are looking for a robust learning ecosystem that is ‘learner centric’, taking into account the needs, interests, and learning style of the student and leveraging technology in a meaningful and engaging way.”


“While there were wide-ranging views and opinions offered on the future of education, a common thread running through our interviews was a universal “call for change”. As often repeated, the industrial age model of education has outlived its purpose. For those who must now complete in a new global knowledge economy, the current educational model is not meeting the needs of today’s students. The question is in what ways do we change this century-old model? Our respondents were clear. It starts with the learner and their changing expectations.”