Personalizing Learning in 2012-The Student & Parent Point of View | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) |

Jackie Gerstein shares in her blog "Speak Up Report:  Mapping a Personalized Journey".  The report released by Project Tomorrow supports how and why technology can support personalized learning.


"What follows is an Infographic and key findings of Mapping a Personalized Learning Journey – K-12 Students and Parents Connects the Dots with Digital Learning"


"Students are already seeking out ways to personalize their learning. Looking to address what they perceive as deficiencies in classroom experiences, students are turning to online classes to study topics that pique their intellectual curiosity, to message and discussion boards to explore new ideas about their world, or to online collaboration tools to share their expertise with other students they don’t even know. Their experience with seeking out their own personalized learning experiences has changed their overall expectations for their education, and not just for the use of technology.


"These students have an intrinsic understanding that like so many other aspects of their lives, personalization is the key to their own greater engagement in the learning process. So, even while students have turned to personalized learning on their own time, in their own way, why is it that this revolution of technology that has enabled personalization not also penetrated our classrooms? Why is it that we are for the most part still educating our children with a model that perpetuates the fallacy of one size fits all? Why is it that technology has transformed the way we shop, bank and interact with each other and not yet had the same impact on teaching and learning, at least as education stands today?"