NYC Innovation Zone (iZone) - Project on Social Innovation | Stacey Gillett | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) |

From Stacey Gillett, Deputy Chief of Innovation at the NYC Department of Education’s Office of Innovation, who takes a look at the iZone in NYC illustrates where inner city schools are transforming to more personalized and flexible learning environments.  In this blog she points out how our economy needs to rethink how we define learning and the classroom environment by asking these questions:


> Where, when, and how does learning happen?

> What do students need to learn?

> How does a student learn best, and how do we reorganize schools to accommodate the individual needs and strengths of students?


The iZone has shown that a more personalized learning environment can be accomplished through four primary levers.


> Providing dedicated resources.

> Facilitating a community  of like-minded innovators.

> Advocating reforms that facilitate inniovation.

> Sharing best practices and lessons learned.