Gooru - Free Online Tool to Support Personalized Learning Pathways | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) |

Gooru is a new online tool to what they describe will "personalize your study".  It is currently in the "alpha" version and is available at no costs to schools. 


"Gooru makes it easy for students and teachers to find the best online educational resources. Using machine learning and human judgment, Gooru curates, auto-tags and contextualizes collections of web resources to accommodate personalized learning pathways. Multimedia resources available on Gooru dramatically increase student engagement and motivation to learn by connecting topics with 21st century resources and real life applications.


Gooru also offers adaptive assessments that allow students to test their knowledge on topics with formative quizzes. Students can interact with peers and teachers on Gooru by posting questions, studying with groups and collaborating in real-time. This peer-to-peer model, supported by the best learning resources on the web, has the potential to provide a high-quality education experience to every student in the world."