Personalized and Personalizing Learning
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Personalized and Personalizing Learning
Resources that help define and chart a path to personalize learning.
Curated by Nancy White
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Rescooped by Nancy White from Personalize Learning (#plearnchat)!

What does Learning Look Like?

What does Learning Look Like? | Personalized and Personalizing Learning |

"A while ago, I created this poster A Tale of Two Classrooms.  It wasn't meant as a statement of Classroom B is best.  It wasn't even meant as a statement of Classroom A is awful.  It was meant as a representation of Classroom A and B."

Via Kathleen McClaskey
Nancy White's insight:

Great compare & contrast- I believe "A" emphasis is on teaching, while "B" emphasis is on learning -and sets the stage for personal learning.


Stephen Gwilliam's curator insight, January 8, 2013 4:15 PM

Krissy Venosdale revised her Classroom A and Classroom B poster recently to represent "What does Learning Look Like". Some of these Classroom B descriptors indicate a learner-centered environment. What are some other descriptions that you would include?


Here are some of Krissy's thoughts behind Learning:


"Learning is a journey.  Our kids change. The world changes.  We change as teachers.  This morning, I made a revised version of Classroom A versus Classroom B.  As someone pointed out, it’s not a black and white issue. There is so much grey and so much individual choice.  I’m not saying A or B is better for everyone. I’m saying you’ve gotta think and really understand what you want learning to look like in your classroom."

Shirley Pepper's curator insight, April 23, 2013 5:21 PM

A clear visual

Pilar Castro's curator insight, May 21, 2013 11:48 AM

Es fundamental movernos de un enfoque centrado en la enseñanaza a un enfoque centrado en el aprendizaje.

Rescooped by Nancy White from Personalized Learning Leadership!

Learning Independence Continuum: Ownership

Learning Independence Continuum: Ownership | Personalized and Personalizing Learning |

This is the fourth in a five part series on the Learning Independence Continuum produced by the Institute @ CESA #1.


"Ownership implies that learners have a sense of control over their learning and often leads them to view learning as something that cannot be taken from them. Ownership of learning transfers responsibility for success from educators and other adults to the learner. As a result, learners tend to place greater value on and take greater pride in their learning.


A growing sense of ownership often leads learners to shift from a compliance orientation to commitment. The question in their minds moves from “How much must I do?” to “What do I need to do in order to learn this content?” While the traditional model of schooling depends heavily on compliance, unleashing a sense of ownership for learning can dramatically improve learner performance, even within the legacy education system.


Unsurprisingly, one of the key methods to building ownership for learning is a strategy also employed to build motivation, engagement, and efficacy. This approach offers learners choice and control related to their learning in areas valued by the learner."


Via Kathleen McClaskey, Greg Wilborn
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