Top Presentation of the Day | There’s an old saying, ‘Power corrupts but PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.’ Well, don’t blame the tools, blame the workman. A good presentation can make the difference between winning a deal and wasting an afternoon in a meeting room. It’s worth doing it well. These tips and resources should help turn you into a presentation hero.


Want a quick tutorial on how to create effective PowerPoint presentations?


Well -- here it is! This won't take you long to go through, and these are all good reminders. I'm bookmarking this page so I can share it with my MBA students, and also just to keep handy when I need my own refresher course!


And enjoy the visuals in this presentation. That's a good lesson in and of itself :)


And my personal tip: think of your presentation as a story in-and-of-itself (setting, problem, challenges, resolution, take-aways) -- in addition to sharing stories within your presentation.


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