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Best Flashmob Videos from Around the World, Cultural Flash Mobs...


It's Friday and time for some fun!


I thought these videos of flash mobs from around the world really great -- they made me want to get up and dance :)) And they create great stories to share! Just imagine the stories people will share about their experience participating or watching.


Storytelling is a creative expression -- and I love flash mobs as a creative expression of people: the singing, dancing, choreography, the element of surprise, and the sheer joy that's involved. Grass roots art -- and that's what storytelling has always been, too. Let's celebrate that also, this Thanksgiving weekend!


Having recently participated in the flash mob dinner event Diner en Blanc here in San Diego, I can tell you what a hoot flash mobs are. 


My favorite video here is the one from Mumbai, India. The NYC one is OK but too orchestrated for me. But I do love the images from the event -- they are really cool.


Jeanne Melanson @empowerhere sent the link to me, thinking I'd like to curate it. She was right! Thank you Jeanne.


Enjoy these videos and get your dancing shoes on for the weekend!


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