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Almost four years ago, Jonathan Rosenberg sent an email around Google stumping for more open systems, products, and services. As SVP of Products, he argued that more openness would mean a better Google and a better world. But not everyone agreed. In fact, it set off a fiery internal debate that culminated in the Google Blog post: "The Meaning of Open," authored by Rosenberg At the time, he was building teams around Chrome and Android. And his prescience paid off. Today, they are two of Google's most strategically important gains.

It wasn't all wins, though. Rosenberg will be the first one to tell you that a lot of failures, false starts and tough breaks got him there.  He shared these hard-won lessons in a lecture to students graduating from Claremont McKenna College, his alma mater, and we’ve brought ‘Rosenberg’s Rules’ to you.

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