Maxjournal is a simple and elegant way to make a daily diary or journal, with extensive photo scrapbooking features. Designed to be easy to use and easy to navigate - it makes it a joy to sit down and get introspective with your diary-writing self. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Create separate journals for any situation – personal, work, travel – or for different users in your household. Each journal has individual settings and password control.
In Maxjournal, you can add up to 30 photos for every journal entry. Photos can be added directly into your text, and positioned and rotated. The text will automatically wrap around your photos with no extra work on your part. Additional photos can be added to your journal sidebar, which is a great place to collect and organize photos that you do not add to your main text.
Features :
Multiple Journal support (with separate settings and passwords)
Secure Password protection
Easy interface for entering your daily thoughts
Quick access to all your journal entries across years, months, and days
Fullscreen Calender View - an alternate way to navigate your journal
Add up to 30 photos to a journal entry, lightbox for viewing and managing images, fullscreen photo viewing
Photos can be added directly to your text, with automatic text wrapping, and full control over positioning and rotation!
Keyword Tagging
Searching by Text, Keyword Tag, Ratings or most recent
Timestamping (for multiple entries in 1 day)
Exporting your whole journal, or selected time range (email, text, PDF, Secure PDF)
A selection of texts styles and sizes for your journal entries
Works in both Portrait and Landscape orientations
Secure Backup to Desktop
Customizable backgrounds for each journal
Font and text background brightness control (great for nighttime use!)

Via LucianeCurator