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Google’s Android might be about to suffer behind the bamboo curtain after it was revealed US spooks at the NSA gave the company a hand with the code.


According to Quartz, the source code that Google used was contributed by the secretive National Security Agency. This means that each phone could come with its own special link to US espionage, and might explain why China is still not that happy with Google.


So while the US is busy banning Chinese phone companies because they might have links with Chinese intelligence, it appears that Google really does have NSA code under its bonnet.


An NSA researcher told Bloomberg Businessweek that Security Enhancements for Android is one of several projects the US spy agency contributes to open-source operating platforms.

Read more: http://news.techeye.net/mobile/nsa-helped-build-android-source-code#ixzz2Ynptuaud

Via Gust MEES