The Performance Project

The following link is to a song, "Why" from "Tick, Tick, Boom!"  Thanks to Michael Ingersoll, (Under the Streetlamp, Jersey Boys) for giving me:  "Over and over and over til we got it right."  It's clearly the theme song for this topic and The Performance  Project.  Message to leaders and managers:  PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

Why -- from Tick, Tick, Boom

Job Hunting Lessons from "Shark Tank"
Job Hunting Lessons from "Shark Tank"
Most important leadership film award goes to Hidden Figures in 2017
The most important leadership film award, is not yet an Oscar category, but in my world it should be. And in my world the 2017 award goes to Hidden Figures.
Four Game-Changing Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl LI
There’s a reason why the Patriots continue to impress: effective leadership. Lead your team to the W with these 4 leadership lessons.
Brady, Bennett & Belichick, LLP - 5 Law Firm Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl 51
What if we could take one of the most successful franchises in history and build the perfect law firm based on the leadership principles we’ve learned from the New England Patriots?
6 Types Of Illegal Interview Questions To Watch Out For

Delightfully appropriate -- and timeless!