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One of the pleasures of ending a year is to see various "Best of" recommendations.  Here's a list of recommended blogs from Edudemic.com.  


Many may say No Way!  I'm overwhelmed with more information that I can consume.  Remember you don't have to read everything.  Just dip in and skim occasionally.


(Who said their is no Info-glut only filter breakdowns?)  Consider adding a blog or two to the ponds where you fish for information.  Who knows what you'll catch. ~ Dennis




40 Incredible Blogs


From blogs about education technology to ones answering questions from parents… there are lots to add to your preferred RSS reader. Each of these blogs was nominated for an Edublogs ‘Group Blog’ award for being the best new blog of the year. In the meantime, start working your way through this epic list of content creators!

Via Dennis T OConnor