Pedagogy and technology of online learning
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Pedagogy and technology of online learning
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20 Ideas for Professional Development in the Digital Age

20 Ideas for Professional Development in the Digital Age | Pedagogy and technology of online learning |
What is professional development?  It is pretty much anything that helps one develop professionally. At the heart, professional development is about growth and learning.  In the field of education, it seems like many quickly think of educational opportunities that mimic what they see in their schools. As a result, they turn professional learning and education into schooling.  The problem with that is that schooling is too limiting.  In this age, there are many other exciting and high-impact learning opportunities for teachers that extend beyond traditional notions of schooling.  When we hear the phrase “professional development,” certain practices likely come to mind, things like in-services and conferences. In the digital age, there are countless other opportunities for professional development and restricting one’s thoughts to just a few options limits our insight into what is possible for our students.  With that in mind, here is a brainstorm of 20 options available to educators today. This is far from an exhaustive list, but it is enough to start exploring the possibilities.  Feel free to suggest others in a comment to this post.


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Via Gust MEES, Mark E. Deschaine, PhD, Elizabeth E Charles
Victor Ventura's curator insight, March 18, 9:46 AM
Anything goes in PD. Make it work for you in terms of time, location, in person/online, source, funding, and your preference for individual, small team, district, or strangers. 
Danny Castaño's curator insight, March 21, 12:22 AM
We can found in this article 20 different ideas in order to go beyond traditional practices since we are in a digital area with new desires and expectations from students about their learning process and for that we need to grow professionally as teachers. We can highlight some of the most relvevan ones such as "The Webinar with live sessions, Video Tutorials even when is one of the most common strategies,  is really helpful to our professional development, Graduate Courses and Programs online as well to get more knowledge about topics of interest, and other such as Accountability Partners, Training Programs and so on. We need to keep in mind that teachers can't never stop learning.
Наталия Вяткина's curator insight, March 26, 4:20 AM
Professional development for teachers themselves, as personalities, adult people, universally, independently from schooling is very interesting idea, humanistic , and useful for school eventually

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Visual Assessment Guide «

Visual Assessment Guide « | Pedagogy and technology of online learning |

"What started last year as a Self Assessment Guide, has been reworked into a more general tool for assessment. This new guide is suitable for teacher, peer or self assessment and also offers a visual map of what we want students to learn (with highlighting of which concepts are most important). Although still ICT specific, this guide could be adapted to any subject by changing the attributes and keywords."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, May 30, 2014 8:33 PM

Check out this revised assessment tool from Ross Parker. In the post he shares his experience with using this for a year and the awareness that the tool was not as functional as he had hoped. In brief, he has made four shifts.

1. Taking a tool designed for self assessment and realizing that the same time used throughout the year gets old quickly. Therefore, it is redesigned to "more general, useful for teachers and peers to use."

2. A shift from strands (high level learning outcomes), to attributes (which allows the tool to be used by students over many years as their knowledge and skills grow).

3. A move away from levels or grades to a focus on ways of learning.

4. Allowing students to determine levels rather than assigning them based on personal view.

Last year this tool was well received and this new version brings it up to a new level. Consider using this with students and perhaps have them keep a copy of it asking them to review it later on in the school year. You can download a pdf version of the tool from the website.

niftyjock's curator insight, June 1, 2014 6:22 PM

great evaluation tool

SueFoS's curator insight, June 1, 2014 8:47 PM

Interesting way to approach self-assessment in vocational areas. Could be adapted easily

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Growth Mindset | LEARNing To LEARN | ICT | eSkills

Growth Mindset | LEARNing To LEARN | ICT | eSkills | Pedagogy and technology of online learning |

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Via Tom D'Amico (@TDOttawa) , Ines Bieler, Gust MEES, Dean J. Fusto
Tom Whitford's curator insight, August 9, 2015 8:28 PM

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Sylvianne Parent's curator insight, September 6, 2015 1:09 PM

Lorsque les élèves éprouvent de grandes difficultés à l'école, il est primordial de leur enseigner à développer un esprit de croissance personnelle axé sur les efforts et les défis personnels. Le concept de growth mindset est vraiment intéressant pour illustrer aux enfants que l'intelligence et le succès n'est pas fixe mais relié aux efforts aux tentatives et aux réajustements. Voir Carole DWECK l'auteure de ce concept.

Cecilia Di Felice's curator insight, September 7, 2015 10:05 AM

We are implementing this in our school....finally.

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Why Every Teacher Should Join Twitter

Why Every Teacher Should Join Twitter | Pedagogy and technology of online learning |
Why Every Teacher Should Join Twitter

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