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La sociedad de la información nos ofrece otras maneras de aprender: conectivismo.
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Gamificando la superación personal, Gamificando elearning mediante Moodle (#gamicap)

Gamificando la superación personal, Gamificando elearning mediante Moodle (#gamicap) | Pedagogia Infomacional |
Ponía como ejemplo de Gamificación ayer en Vitoria el de “Superbetter”,  un juego ideado por Jane McGonigal que se utiliza para promover actitudes de superación personal (curación de enfermedades, dejar de fumar, etc).  La idea es trabajar la resiliencia...

Via Marta Torán, Javier Sánchez Bolado
Marta Torán's curator insight, December 14, 2013 6:07 AM

Un excelente artículo de Dolors Reig sobre Gamificación.


Para la superación de objetivos personales. Para asociar a un programa eLearning.


Moodle ya incorpora badges compatibles con el estándar Open Badges de Mozilla.

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Moodle TextCloud

Moodle TextCloud | Pedagogia Infomacional |

Moodle text cloud block basically performs the following operations:
On each cron cycle, the block search for new resources included in the course. If new resources are found, it process the resource for indexing
The indexing process distinguishes between different resources types. MS Office and Open Document Format documents are converted into PDF format by the Unoconv application [2]. PDF files are converted into PlainText Files. HTML files are converted into Text files via a specific function that removes HTML tags and other formatting text.
Text of PlainText files is extracted, and processed for text analysis. This involves further steps: a) Language detection; b) stop-words filtering; c) stemming algorithm application.
Last step consists on calculating frequencies and other statistics to determine the weight of every tag.
Moodle text cloud block is able to work with different languages. The current version comes with 11 analysis languages (danish, dutch, english, french, german, italian, norwegian, polish, portuguese, spanish and swedish), 4 of these (english, german, italian and spanish) contains also the stemming engine. New language analyser and stemming engine can be added very easily.

Via Patric Lougheed, Juergen Wagner, Luciana Viter, Rui Guimarães Lima
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