How to be More Productive? Multitasking Paradox and Attention Deficit | Peak Performance |


What is one of the invaluable things today that everyone strives for to get from you? To my mind, it is your Attention..  Commercials aimed to get attention of consumers, governments – for voters, international authorities etc, businesses – for stakeholders etc..

“The more I allow myself to be seduced by distraction, the more distractible I become”.  Tony Schwartz, President and CEO of The Energy Project.


It is getting more and more difficult to grant longer attention to the issues or hobbies you’d prefer to do. Still we need somehow to cope to keep afloat. And moreover, we don’t need only to cope, but to time-manage, prioritise, and be on top of the follow-up.


Thus, we usually decide and/or are forced to multitask as a solution. Multitasking is a very well promoted skill as one that saves time and logically will lead to more productivity. However, the recent study by Harvard Business Review revealed directly the opposite, so-called ‘The Multitasking Paradox’.

Via The Learning Factor