The Difference Between Infographics And Their Simpler Cousins | pdxtech-info |
At Co.Design, we get tons of pitches for our "Infographic of the Day" feature. A good 90% of them don’t make the cut because they aren’t really infographics.

Sure, debating what is or isn’t a "real" infographic can quickly become as pointless as arguing about how many angels fit on the head of a pin. But drawing meaningful distinctions between clearly different forms of communication allows us to draw out the strengths in those differences. An "infauxgraphic" sounds like an impostor, trying (and failing) to pass itself off as something better. But a "digital poster" is simply itself: a simple, bold collection of graphic statements. Sure, many of them are hideous. But so are many infographics. "The method itself is never right or wrong," Citraro tells Co.Design. "The only thing that warrants a value judgement is the method’s effectiveness for conveying information to an audience."

Via Lauren Moss