NYC bans Taxi Hailing and Payment App "Uber" -- InformationWeek | Payments 2.0 |

After Uber released a mobile app that aims to help passengers and drivers locate one another, New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission quickly told taxi drivers to steer clear of such apps [...] Contractual obligations, says the TLC. Existing contracts the TLC has with fare payment processors prohibits the use of apps to pay taxi and livery fares. The contract is set to expire in February. The TLC is, however, looking at ways to improve hailing and paying for taxis.

The TLC submitted a request for proposal in March of this year. According to the RFP, the TLC wants "a software developer that will create a smartphone application for use in for-hire vehicles. In the past, developers have created stand-alone apps without coordination with service providers or regulators. The TLC aims to take a new approach by contracting with a developer to create an app with one or more functions that would enhance the city's for-hire vehicle services and improve both customer and driver experiences."