Big Brother: Clutch mobile shopping and payment app | Payments 2.0 |

PandoDaily: Sometimes combining multiple products or services into a single device can be game-changingly powerful, as in the case of the original iPhone or the clock radio. Clutch is hoping this paradigm extends itself to mobile shopping, as the company released a new iOS app today that combines a mobile wallet (integrated with Apple’s Passbook)


[...] as the company points out in its own press release on the launch, this is really all about data. “Merchants benefit from a direct-to-consumer marketing channel informed by rich data across retailers, gift lists created by the app user and their friends, past responses to offers, and geo-location information…because of Clutch’s registration process, gift card buyers and recipients are no longer anonymous.”


Therese's comment: not sure infringing on people's privacy will accelerate app adoption


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