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Parental Responsibility
Parental Responsibility affords the legal right to take decisions about such things as your children’s education, medical matters and religion.
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Hawaii News Now

Hawaii News Now | Parental Responsibility |
A three-year-old girl who was left brain dead following a procedure at a local dentist in Kailua had died. Finley Boyle passed away last night with her...
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"I don't care what kind of doctor they are, you need to use your own judgement and not believe everything they say. They run businesses and businesses are for profits, not for the safety of you or your children. Beware!"

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Have Fathers 4 Justice actually achieved anything?

Have Fathers 4 Justice actually achieved anything? | Parental Responsibility |
Have Fathers 4 Justice actually achieved anything? The campaign group Fathers 4 Justice has catapulted itself back into public consciousness. Tim Haries, a 41-year-old who is said to be a member of...
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Political Corruption

Political Corruption | Parental Responsibility |
Political Corruption See on - Xpose Corrupt Courts Political corruption is the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain. Misuse of government power for other purp...

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Kevin Breame's curator insight, December 16, 2013 10:10 PM

multi agency early intervention team = destroying families and damaging children all in the in the best interests of neglectin mother and her evil sister even though  mother twice abducts 2yrs old child allready subject to cp plan and p.l.o. to be in a relationship with an allready suspected child abuser over 1oo'miles away  from farther and other imediate family members. local authority supporting the move and aiding the mother to deny contact with the child. child has cince suffered two seperate burn incidents of a second degree the seconed becoming infected because failed to seek medical attention even thogh had been advised to do so on several occassions. hospital issues a referral to protective services who also found the incident to be of suspicious circumstances. protective services then spend five months supporting the mothers new partner to parent child before initiateing public law outline with requirements that the partner is not to have any unsupervised contact or involvement with the child. evidence of drug usage in the home and child seen to be dirty and tired on several occasions one were child brought down stairs after waking up covered in gloss paint mother informs had been up all night. kitchen floor covered in cerial and other food but protective services fail to act and child still remains with the mother who continues to neglect the child bbest interests while making more false accusation about the farther to stop him from retreiveing care of the child even though can offer a stable family home with his brother and other children who have no involved services or any suspected conserns about parenting ability. protective services now claim farther is useing drugs and is violent on the word of the abuseing mother and partner. the case continues?

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My Hashtags

My Hashtags | Parental Responsibility |
Hashtags this week 12th April 2013 (totals all time in brackets) #News (135), #FF (87), #adoption (71), #FamilyLaw (68), #uk (49),#quote (48), #humanrights (46), #sm (45), #quotes (38), #FelaFriday...
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