The role encouragement plays in home schooling - by Susie Gilliland - Helium | Parental Responsibility |

When it comes to home schooling a child no matter what the age in order to get their best the parent must understand the important part encouragement plays. With small children in grades K-3 repetition is key in learning no matter what the subject is you are teaching them. As an adult it is easy to forget that because we have already learned well beyond what we are teaching their minds have yet to completely grasp the concepts. Also lets not forget that school work even when done in a home environment is still school work to any child. We all remember how quickly we became tired and dread filled us at the thought of another science report or history assignment. With all the planning and at times chaos that can go on during the year don't miss an opportunity to say a few words to inspire and complement your child. Thankfully there are several ways to encourage your child and they are a fun and easy. One great way is to find a trustworthy home schooling website just for home schooled children. There are usually chat areas (safely monitored) where they can talk and share experiences with other kids just like them. There are also great educational games to play and articles to read written by other home schooled children. Another highly suggested idea is to be apart of a local home school group, one that meets several times a month so your child can learn as well as play with others in this unique setting. The best way to encourage any child is always from the parents mouth. Remember your child is an investment and you will always get. ,