NATIONAL PRIORITY: Protect Children! | Parental Responsibility |

Americans are shocked when young men walk into neighborhoods or schools and shoot innocent people. We shake our heads in frustration as the national discussion narrows down to guns and mental health.  Passing gun control laws and building mental health facilities have limitations.  We must address the root cause for violent behavior. 


Today, one in four women are raising children in abusive relationships.Domestic violence and child abuse makes it difficult for children to succeed in school. Some children learn to bully by observing adults while sensitive children can become victims. These children struggle to make friends and have difficulty in school. Isolated families put children at risk.


Mass shooters, gang “bangers” and youth in juvenile halls have something in common…growing up socially isolated and emotionally immature. Abuse can prevent a child’s emotional development.

Isolation contributes to domestic violence and child abuse.  Abusers isolate their victims. Criminals thrive in disconnected neighborhoods.  Disconnected neighbors can become mentally and physically ill due to stress.