Beverley Pickorer: Alcoholic mum faces death at 35 from chronic liver disease after drinking 40 cans a day | Parental Responsibility |
Beverley Pickorer's shocking appearance shows the devastating damage years of chronic alcohol abuse have taken as she is slowly dying from liver disease


Her frail body destroyed by years of alcohol abuse, dying Beverley ­Pickorer lies trapped in her care home bed, unable to move at the age of just 35.


The jaundiced mum-of-four has cirrhosis of the liver, rotten teeth and cannot speak or feed herself after a decade of heavy drinking.


At her worst she would down 24 cans of lager a day plus seven pints in the pub and a bottle of perry cider.


Now she faces certain death her partner of six years, Anthony Howard, is forced to watch her fading away. She has spent the last eight months receiving palliative care in a home where most patients are pensioners.