Truants May Not Move To France | Parental Responsibility |

(translated text)

Petra and Dirk Wunderlich from Wembach at Darmstadt want to teach their four children aged between eight and 14 themselves. Which is not allowed in Germany, they want to go to France.

But they can not go. At least not with their children. Because the district court of Darmstadt sees this as a threat to the child's welfare. Stefan Möller, spokesman of the local court, said the decision would have been a question of balancing the rights of parents and the child's welfare. The latter would have outweighed the view of the judge.

At the conclusion, the court came after a hearing of the couple Wunderlich on 12 December 2013. The Wunderlich had applied to them to transfer confiscated in 2012 parts of the custody back. The law relating to school matters was just as important as the right to submit an application in offices and authorities - and the residence determination.


Two gardeners get a visit

The youth welfare office had been transferred because Petra and Dirk Wunderlich had consistently refused to send their children to school these rights. The circumcision of custody in 2012 brought the parents do not do so. The Wunderlich, both gardener by profession, continued to teach their children at home. Up to 29 August 2013. There stood in the early morning 20 police officers and staff of the Youth Office at the door. They would have probably broken when Mr. Wunderlich had not opened.

When the door after the visit of the representatives of the state was closed again, the four children were missing from the house. The staff of the Youth Office and the police had the three girls and the boys along. The children came into a home. For almost three weeks, during which the parents were allowed to visit them once for two hours on the eighth birthday of the youngest daughter.

On 19 September 2013, there was finally a hearing at the local court of Darmstadt, which finally decided in accordance with the Youth Office to let the kids back home. This was preceded by the commitment of the parents, the children are yet to be sent to  school.

Petra and Dirk Wunderlich were turned in because they did not want to send  the children to school and the children were are taken away again. It is their attitude to public schooling that did not change. 

"The compulsory education destroys any creativity and being a child in itself," says Dirk Wunderlich.