CONTACT: CW V SG [2013] EWHC 854 (FAM) – Termination of Parental Responsibility in Respect of an Unmarried Father - Rayden Solicitors Blog | Parental Responsibility |

CW v SG was heard in the High Court on 12 April 2013 by Mr Justice Baker and dealt with a mother’s application to terminate a father’s Parental Responsibility for their 8 year-old son (“D”) and the father’s cross application to receive regular updates about his son.


The mother had 6 children, of which D was the youngest. The father had been imprisoned for 4 years following his conviction for serious sexual offences against D’s half sisters, aged around 9 and 10 at the time.  While in prison he wrote to the mother to request contact with his son, however the terms of his licence upon release prohibited any contact between them father and D until June 2013.


Upon receipt of the letter, the mother moved the family away from the area to an undisclosed location and issued an application to terminate the father’s Parental Responsibility. The father claimed he was innocent of the criminal charges and issued a Specific Issue application seeking annual updates as to his son’s progress, to include photographs, school reports and details of any medical treatment received.


In the course of proceedings, the Court ordered a consultant clinical psychologist to be instructed and provide expert evidence as to any risk the father posed to the child in light of his criminal convictions and psychological profile.