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Nelson Mandela's former wife Winnie says it has been "extremely painful" to see Nelson Mandela go through his illness, and that it was "nonsense" for the media to suggest that her family had a discussion about whether or not to remove life...


Nelson Mandela's former wife Winnie and his daughter Zindzi have spoken out about the precarious condition of South Africa's first black president and how their family is coping.


The anti-apartheid hero is critically ill in hospital, suffering from a recurrent lung infection and the intense media interest has been difficult for his relatives.


Winnie Mandela was particularly critical of a visit in April by South African President Jacob Zuma and other ruling party figures to Mr Mandela's home, when he was shown on television looking frail and dazed, sitting in an armchair.


"I honestly cannot put in words how hurt the family was. It was one of the most insensitive things for anyone to have done," Winnie told ITV News.