Corruption in Lebanon County, Pa. forced Mother and Son into Exile from the USA. Many Civil Rights Violated. They fled a pedophile, Robert (Bob) Wasko, from Richland, Pa, and his death threats after receiving no help.

We have a crisis in America of dishonesty, misconduct, corruption ,and criminal acts by judges and attorneys as a regular means of doing business. William Windsor is doing an outstanding job of bringing people across the US together to fight the corruption.


"AMERICANS CARE, the problem is the REAL CRIMINALS the judges and lawyers abuse their rights to cause legal proceedings to cause legal fees which to them is PROFIT. Understand? Its not about what the hearings do or stop, its about CREATION OF LEGAL hearings ONLY to create work which is legal fees. Millions of people are victimized by unethical lawyers and judges who don't care about Justice working, instead its about just CAUSING Parties to go to court which to them means bring profit to them." ~ R. Gettinger